Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2017


was called to order at 5:36 p.m. There were no proprietors other than trustees present. The meeting notices were in the Record-Enterprise and the Penny Saver. Note that we may have a credit at Salmon Press.

Trustees present: Burgess Youngman, Fletcher Adams, Linda Folsom, Barbara Fahey, Susan Webster, Missy Mason, Kathie Ross who left at 6:20 pm. Amy Currie of Charter Trust was also present and left after her presentation.

Adams moved, Fahey seconded approval of the minutes of the October 19, 2016 meeting with one correction: In Financial Reports after the sentence about cemetery lots, a sentence shall be added which reads “The bank will remove the names of Michael Barney and Cynthia Dussault from the signature card for our checking account and add those of president Susan Webster and treasurer Kathie Ross.”

Terms of our current trustees, as moved by Adams and seconded by Youngman, were affirmed:

The Proprietors’ Meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.



was called to order at 5:45 p.m.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ross no longer does day to day bookkeeping. She outlined the new procedure whereby trustees should sign any bills and mark them “okay to pay”, then forward to our accountant Cynthia Dussault’s office, PO Box 209, Plymouth NH 03264. Contact Jen Green ( if there are questions. Ross continues to keep records of sales and burials but funds will go directly to Dussault.

Ross provided copies of the 2016 year end trial balance and checking account register as well as the June 7 trial balance and checking account register to June 2, 2017 as prepared by the accountant. She asked for clarification on the 5-17-17 $1000 deposit. Youngman told her it was for one cremation and one full burial. She and Webster have okayed a transfer of $10,000 from Charter Trust to cover tree work necessitated by the March storm as well as a higher expense than anticipated from the fence company. Ross asked that budget needs be communicated to her and suggested a line item for winter damage.

CHARTER TRUST: Amy Currie presented a report from Charter Trust. She is the administrator; Brian Sanford is the investment advisor. Finance committee members Fletcher Adams and Peter Barnum met with Charter at the end of February. She noted that they decided to change the allocation from 50% each of stocks and bonds to 65% stocks and 35% bonds, still a “balanced” account. The treasurer currently receives one paper statement monthly. If we were to request online access, a paper statement would cost $20 per month.

The “Fence and Steeple” fund has $41,000 which is held in our main Charter Trust account.

Ms. Currie requests a corporate resolution authorizing specific trustees to “sign documents, request funds and give appropriate direction” to Charter Trust. This must be signed by the secretary and accompanied by a copy of today’s minutes. The trustees unanimously approved putting Finance Committee members Fletcher Adams, Peter Barnum and Kathie Ross as well as president Susan Webster on the list of authorized trustees. Adams made the motion, Folsom seconded.


The slate was moved by Adams, seconded by Youngman. Vote in favor was unanimous.

The officers are empowered to name the Finance Committee. Kathie Ross, Fletcher Adams and Peter Barnum were asked to serve again this year.

MAINTENANCE OF GROUNDS: Youngman says this was our worst winter ever. We did renew our contract with Stephens Landscaping. We had three days of spring cleanup by Grafton County preceded by work by Stephens. Youngman points out that we are still spending less than we did with a full time caretaker since tree work and stone work were in addition to the salary. The hourly handyman has fixed some stones, cleaned the cistern, started the fountain and is available for additional work.

The March storm took down a huge white pine which landed on one stone which was sturdy enough to withstand the blow. This required $2500 work by Topnotch Tree Service.

In addition to wind damage with hundreds of branches down, many stones suffered from frost heaves. The roads are rutted.

Youngman requested a committee to tour cemetery with him and recommend capital investment in repairs and improvements. Mason and Folsom volunteered. Mason moved that up to $7500 be approved for the potential expenses. Folsom seconded. Unanimous vote in favor.

At Youngman’s request, the Board also approved a change to the additional charge for weekend burials listed in our Rules from $50 to $100 so that our costs are covered. Mason moved the change, Youngman seconded. Unanimous vote in favor.

Discussion of an offer by a volunteer who wanted to clean stones. Webster pointed out that stones belong to the families. Barnum deputized to speak with volunteer.

Trustees agreed that the refurbished fence looks very good. Many thanks to Peter Barnum for his efforts.

WEBSITE UPDATE: has been partly updated. Mason requested that trustees check the site and notify her of any errors. Still need the approved minutes of October 2016, updated rules and list of lot owners. The map also needs an update. Ernie Paquette needs to clarify section A. Information is available from Webster. Adams moved, Fahey seconded an expenditure of up to $250 for further updates. Unanimous vote in favor.

TRINITY CHAPEL: Linda Folsom reports that there have been no requests to use the chapel. She noted a loose window and a shaky railing when she did spring cleaning. Trustees ask that these be addressed with chapel restoration project. Discussions on the eventual restoration are ongoing. The lock has been replaced with one which is a bit tricky. She asks where the sign is that needs to be mounted on the fence again.

TOWN FUNDS: Webster will request the funds which were voted for the cemetery at Town Meeting.

NEXT MEETING: To be held Wednesday, October 18, 5:30 p.m., Town Hall.

The Trustees’ Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Millicent Mason

These minutes were approved at the October 18, 2017 meeting of the Trustees.