The Board of Trustees

As of March 2017

The By-Laws of the Trinity Churchyard Cemetery Association provide for a board of eleven Trustees. Currently there are nine members who typically meet twice a year (spring and fall) to discuss and act on the business of the Trinity Cemetery and Church.

Please feel free to contact any of the Trustees. To book a wedding or services at the Church, contact Linda Folsom. To make plans for a burial, contact Burgess Youngman or Peter Barnum. Send donations to maintain these lovely historic grounds and structures to Churchyard Cemetery Association, P.O. Box 329, Holderness, NH 03245.

Susan Webster, Pres. PO Box 213, Holderness, NH 03245 968-3837
Fletcher Adams, V.P. 5 Stonybrook Road, Plymouth, NH 03264 536-2619 none
Kathie Ross, Treas.* PO Box 677, Holderness, NH 03245-0677 -- --
Peter Barnum 113 Chaddarin Lane, Plymouth, NH 03264 779-5221
Barbara Currier PO Box 171, Holderness, NH 03245 968-7796
Barbara Fahey 297 Mt. Prospect Rd., Holderness 536-1920
Linda Folsom 26 Nash Dr., Ashland, NH 03217 375-4038
Millicent Mason, Secy. PO Box 194, Holderness, NH 03245 968-3334
Burgess Youngman 101 Heritage Hill Road, Holderness, NH 03245 239-398-4052